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Sensible connects unstructured data to software

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Our Story

Sensible is building the future of software defined workflows by adding structure to unstructured and semi-structured data

Why we do it

Document parsing is such a painful problem for developers — I've felt that pain myself. Folks on the ops side wonder why it's so hard when it's so easy for people to do. Before Sensible there really weren't any solid tools for developers to get all the way from any PDF to structured data. We're excited to make document parsing something you can implement in an afternoon rather than a weeks-or months-long headache.

Josh Lewis—Co-founder
Our Founders

Meet the Sensible team

Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis is the co-founder and CEO of Sensible.

Josh did his Ph.D. and postdoc at UC San Diego where he studied how to make machine learning techniques more useful to those without formal computer science training.

He then went into industry with product and engineering stints at AYASDI and Alpine Data.

After Alpine Data's acquisition by TIBCO, he joined Newfront Insurance and learned firsthand the challenges of building modern workflow software in a legacy industry where PDFs are the de facto standard for communication.

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Ming Lu

Ming Lu is the co-founder and COO of Sensible.

Ming started her software career at Intercom where she worked a variety of roles across analytics, engineering, and product on their Growth and Data teams.

Before Sensible, Ming was the Head of Product at Lattice as the company grew from 0 to 20MM+ ARR.

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Our Investors

Craft Ventures

Engineering Capital

Clocktower Technology Ventures

Jack Altman

Co-founder of Lattice

Spike Lipkin

Co-founder of Newfront Insurance

Eric Koslow

Co-founder of Lattice

Gordon Wintrob

Co-founder of Newfront Insurance

Chad Nitschke

President, Vouch Specialty

Gurjeet Singh

Co-founder of Oma Robotics