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With Sensible Instruct, we can now easily extract data from building permit applications in seconds.
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Charlie Jacobson
Co-Founder, Pulley
AI Data Extraction

AI-powered data extraction

Leverage LLMs to extract accurate and reliable data from your documents.

NLP Document Extraction

Extract accurate data using natural language

Just use everyday language. It's intuitive and easy to onboard teammates.

Parse Any Document

Parse any document

Extract from a wide range of documents – unstructured and structured



Combine Sensible Instruct with SenseML to build tailored configurations

Explore the power of Sensible Instruct


What is the invoice date?


What are the terms of acceptance?

Medical Research

What are the primary medications that were tested?

Insurance CLaims

What injuries were reported?

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Sensible integrates with Zapier, Excel, Google Sheets, Box, Google Drive, Airtable and more.
Stuart Winchester, CEO of Marble

"We've been able to scale to 2,000 members and ~$2MM of tracked premiums in a very short time with one person on operations. We couldn't have done that without Sensible."

Stuart Winchester, CEO & Founder at Marble

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