Nanonets Alternatives

Never train another model. 

Transform documents into data immediately. Easily pull accurate data from any document in under a minute. Sensible provides reliable and accurate data extraction on structured forms and free-text documents using advanced technologies like GPT-4 and LLMs.

Why developers choose Sensible

Predictable pricing eliminates surprises

Plan and stick to your budget with transparent per-document pricing.

Ready for any document

Extract from any document – even your most complex –from day one with confidence.

Build your future with GPT-4 

Leverage LLMs to reliably extract data from your documents with less configuration and set up.

The Sensible Promise

How Sensible compares to Nanonets

Extract any data from any document with ease

Choose your extraction method:

  • Sensible Instruct: Just describe the data you need in plain language. Ideal for unstructured docs, thanks to GPT-4 and LLMs.
  • 150+ Preset Configurations: Perfect for standard docs like IRS forms or bank statements. Customize for precision.
  • SenseML: Our document query language for tackling complex documents. Maximum control at your fingertips.

Nanonets is best for simple, non-variable documents covered by their pre-trained models. Sensible gives you the freedom to extract from any document, no matter how unique.

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Easy integration, rapid results: the power of Sensible's API-first strategy 

Sensible, with its API-first design, easily integrates with your existing products or services. You can also connect Sensible to Google Drive, Airtable, Salesforce, and 5,000+ other tools using Zapier. As your requirements evolve, Sensible can adapt and grow alongside you.

Transparent and predictable pricing

With per-document billing, you can confidently track, budget, and plan without any unexpected costs. There are no limitations on document types, extractable fields, or platform features. Enjoy unrestricted access to everything Sensible has to offer.

Get started with Sensible's free plan, offering 100 document extractions per month. Paid plans start at just $499/month and include 750 document extractions.

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Jumpstart document extraction

Start extracting accurate data from day one with Sensible - no laborious custom model training necessary. Just use Sensible Instruct to naturally define your data requirements or select from our 150+ prebuilt configurations.

Nanonets requires feeding hundreds – or thousands – of documents to train a custom model with ultimately no accuracy guarantee. Customizing Nanonets requires back end work from their team, limiting the platform’s flexibility for end users.

What to consider when choosing a document extraction platform 

What’s the difference between per page and per document pricing?

Document extraction platforms typically offer usage-based tiers with overages, but the definition of ‘usage’ differs by company. Some bill per page, some per document. Page-based billing can be unpredictable, leading to unexpected costs that might hurt your budget. On the other hand, document-based pricing is steadier, keeping your spending in check.

Sensible bills per document, providing you a clear and predictable cost. With Sensible, you can budget confidently and never worry about surprise overages.

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What kinds of documents do you need to extract?

Different documents, different needs. Whether it's a bunch of highly variable free-text documents, a set number of consistent, structured forms, or something in between, your extraction platform should handle it all. It should be able to deal with any layout - tables, invoices, contracts, and more.

The ideal platform should be customizable to adapt to your specific needs.

With Sensible, you can extract data from any document - structured or unstructured. Use Sensible Instruct to instantly extract data from any document, even ones you’ve never seen before or SenseML for precise extraction from structured documents.

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How quickly do you need your data? 

Some use-cases require real-time data extraction and consistent SLA adherence is crucial. While human-reviewed solutions can increase accuracy, the tradeoff is a 30 minute lag time at a minimum.

Automated extraction tools like Sensible can deliver comparable – or higher – accuracy rates, and they do it in real-time. With Sensible, you get accurate data extracted from your documents in under a minute. No compromise, no delay.

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How will the platform fit into your workflow?

A document extraction platform should not only seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow without the need for extensive modifications, but it should also be capable of growing and adapting with your needs over time.

Look for platforms that offer compatible APIs, connectors, and plugins for your tech stack.

Sensible is API-first, providing easy connection into your platform and tools. Use our Zapier integration to connect to over 5,000 third-party tools.  As your requirements evolve, Sensible can adapt and grow alongside you, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

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Don’t wait for ML models to catch up.

Choose Sensible and extract any document in seconds. Talk to a Sensible expert to compare Nanonets to Sensible.