Introducing the Sensible configuration library

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October 10, 2023
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Introducing the Sensible configuration library
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Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our first vertical in the open-source Sensible configuration library: insurance.

With our templates, you can jump straight to extracting a wide range of information from common insurance documents without writing a single query.

At launch our library provides templates for the following insurance documents —

ACORD forms:

  • 25, 75, 125, 126, 130, and 140

Policy declaration pages for personal lines from the following carriers:

  • Allstate (auto, home)
  • Branch (auto)
  • Farmers (auto, home)
  • Geico (auto, home)
  • Hanover (home)
  • Hartford (home)
  • Healthy Paws (pet)
  • Lemonade (home, renters)
  • Liberty Mutual (auto, home, renters)
  • Nationwide (auto, home)
  • Progressive (auto)
  • State Farm (auto, home, renters)
  • Travelers (auto, home)
  • USAA (auto, home, renters)

Of course, you can still customize your extractions using our document query language, SenseML. Change the variable names, add more queries, and add validations to support your document-based workflows.

Even if you don't see the document you want in our library, Sensible is still the easiest and fastest way to extract structured data from documents. With Sensible, you can create a production-ready API endpoint for extracting data from any document in an afternoon with just a single sample PDF. See our documentation to learn more about how you can quickly extract high-quality data from any document with Sensible.

To get started, reach out to or sign on for access here and we’ll get in touch straight away!  Let us know if there are specific documents or verticals for which you would like to see support. We also welcome pull requests from the Sensible community for new configurations or improvements to existing configurations.

Turn documents into structured data
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Turn documents into structured data

Stop relying on manual data entry. With Sensible, claim back valuable time, your ops team will thank you, and you can deliver a superior user experience. It’s a win-win.