Streamlining workflows with Inspectify

Ming Lu

Learn how Inspectify reduced the time it took for their team to process a home inspection report from 15 minutes to 5 using Sensible.

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About Inspectify

Inspectify is a managed marketplace for home inspection services. Inspectify helps anyone who needs a home inspection — homeowners, real estate agents, or institutional investors — figure out what kind of inspection they need, book an inspection with an inspector, and identify necessary remediations. For their customers, the homebuyer, Inspectify removes the pain and anxiety that home inspections create by better leveraging the data collected from the home inspection to provide more confidence around buying the home.

The challenge

At the core of Inspectify's workflow is the home inspection report, the deliverable that inspectors give to a homebuyer after an inspection. This semi-structured document comes in the form of a 100+ page PDF, filled with photos and descriptions of the home and its deficiencies.

Using the inspection report, Inspectify alerts homebuyers regarding which deficiencies found in the home need to be addressed (and which can be left alone) and gives them an estimate of how much the repairs will cost.

Before Sensible, Inspectify's process for estimating the cost of repair for a home was entirely manual. A member of the customer success team needed to comb through the entire document page by page, pick out each deficiency, map it back to their internal catalog, and assess the cost of the repair. Each report took 15 minutes to process, and there was always the risk of human error — accidentally skipping a page and then missing a major issue with the home.

The sensible difference

Sensible has cut down 5-10 minutes per report that we're processing...We're growing quickly, so every month we're saving even more time. It's freed up bandwidth in our team, and we didn't need to hire somebody just to do this.

The solution

After integrating with Sensible, Inspectify has drastically cut down the processing time for a home inspection report.

This is how Sensible fit into the workflow:

After a home inspector completes an inspection, the report is uploaded into Inspectify and then automatically sent to Sensible and parsed. When a customer success manager starts the process of pricing the repair, all of the deficiencies have already been extracted from the home inspection report and pre-loaded in an internal tool for them to go over.

With Sensible, Inspectify was not only able to capture all the deficiencies with confidence, but also use Sensible's ability to automatically extract images to create a more rich final report for their clients.

The sensible difference

It was magic — we let the Sensible team know what we were looking for, and a bit later were told which API to hit, and we got back a perfectly parsed document. Kind of hard to do better than that.

The benefits

Sensible has cut down the time to process a home inspection from 15 minutes down to 5. Now customer success managers can focus on more thoughtful work, like evaluating how much fixing a deficiency would cost. As a result, Sensible has allowed Inspectify to grow their business without having to add additional headcount for data entry.

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